Sunday, January 31, 2010

Facebook Applications Spreading Spyware

From the direction of Roger Thompson, Chief Research Officer at AVG - that hacked Facebooks apps are being used by Russian cybercrime gangs to peddle rogue antivirus software, part of an ever-increasing trend towards scareware-based schemes for raking in the cash. It should be noted that the applications' developers are victims here too, leaving aside the fact that they left the loopholes that let the bad guys inject code. These Facebook applications are web-hosted: when you add an app, you're using Facebook's servers to link to a third party site hosting that app. What's been happening is that the app has an extra iframe injected, which shows you a fake licensing frame, and when you accept the terms it points you to a Russian scam site that displays those "your site is infected" pop-ups - complete with a "click here to protect your computer" link. At the time of writing, AVG has found eight such compromised applications. My advice id don't use Facebook applications - full stop.

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